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Traveller Tips

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring in.

Credit Cards:
Most of the main Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Centres accept major Credit Cards.

Banks in Kerala:
Banks are open on all Weekdays and Saturdays. The working hours for Weekdays are from 10:00 - 15:30 hrs and for Saturday it is from 10:00 - 12:00 hrs only. 

Kerala Time Difference: (Hours fast (+), slow (-) on IST)
USA             : -10.30
Germany       : - 4.30
Canada         : - 10.30
France          : - 4.30
Australia        : + 4.30
Spain            : - 4.30
UAE              : - 1.30
UK                : - 5:30

Best time to Visit Kerla:
High season             : September-May
Monsoon Tourism      : June-August

Travel Kit:
Cotton outfits; Hats, Sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion etc. 

All standard restaurants offer variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Kerala menus.

Tap water is commonly used for drinking purposes, as it is purified and quite safe to drink. It is not advisable to drink water from slow moving streams, lakes or dams. Bottled water of major companies are also available. 

Drugs are not allowed in Kerala.  The possession of narcotic drugs can cause Heavy penalties including imprisonment in Kerala & India.

Smoking is banned in public places and is punishable if found caught by Police.

Nudity is strictly not allowed in any Kerala Beaches or in any public places and is a treated as a legal offence. 

Demonstrativeness in Public:
Behaviours of demonstrating affection in public, like hugging or kissing is strictly not an accepted practice in Kerala. 

Temple Codes:
Some Temples in Kerala do not permit/allow entry for non-Hindus. Strict dress codes are followed in most of the Temples. Footwear is banned inside the temples and its premises. 

Emergency Numbers:
Police control room: 100
Fire station: 101
Ambulance: 102, 108