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People in Kerala are commonly known as Malayalis and the common language used here is Malayalam. The equivalent to Malayali in English is Keralite. The culture of people in Kerala are a mixture of Aryan and Dravidian culture and is the result with the invasions of different races from various trade links.

The main specialty of the people here is that most of them are literate with ease handling of English handling. Kerala is the first state in India to have achieved a 100% literacy level. This high level of education system enabled Malayalis/Keralites to move onto other parts of the world for employment and currently a large level of Kerala people are living in the various parts of the world, especially in the Gulf Countries. The people here are very progressive thinking and have the highest female-male ratio in India.


The main attraction of today’s Kerala is the communal harmony and sense of brotherhood of the state. Kerala has major role with the community existing today based on their customs, rituals, beliefs and festivals that they hold from their ancient times. The main religious communities in Kerala are Hindus, Muslims and Christians and all them respect and consider each other in all respect of their beliefs and celebrations to make Kerala, the most socio-cultural tranquility state in India.

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