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“A token of rememberence”, it is definite that anyone who visits the state will like to have a memento or something which he/she would like to cherish and to have a souvenir accomplishes it. Souvenirs include non-mass-produced items like folk art, handicrafts and antiques, and non-commercial items such as natural objects, and anything else that a person attaches nostalgic value to and collects among his personal belongings.

In Kerala, travelers can buy a variety of typical Kerala souvenirs from Culture Shoppe, the official agency to promote Kerala Souvenirs for the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. At Culture Shoppe, visitors could choose gifts and mementos like the Uruli (wok), Para (brass miniature of a traditional measuring vessel) Kettuvallom (rice barge) Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror), Nettipattam (caparison for elephants), Nettoor petti (traditional jewelry box) and many others.




Aranmula Kannadi


Nettoor petti