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Rubber Plantations:
Kerala is illustrious to be the nation’s biggest supplier of rubber. Rubber plantations in Kerala are very popular tourist hotspots as well as major source of revenue. Kerala is blessed with ideal temperatures to produce premier quality rubber. It is, however, a time consuming process. It takes a time period of six to seven years for a rubber sapling to reach its maturity. A single rubber tree can produce latex for an over twenty long years.

The process of extraction of latex from the plant is quite fascinating. The worker makes an incision on the tough protective outer covering of the tree. The latex drips into a vessel that is bound to the tree. When a rubber tree ceases to fertile, a new sapling replaces it.

An exquisite treasure trove of fauna and verdant vegetation, the rubber plantations offers you a marvelous glimpse of rare species of migratory birds, and exquisite vegetation.

So on your next trip to the lovely locales of Kerala; do not forget to stopover in these rubber orchards.

Tea Gardens:
The tea gardens of Kerala are perfect ambassadors of the states; exemplifying charm, composure, charisma and the path to enlightenment. The state’s climatic condition is the prime nourishment of this plant and these are the major source of livelihood for hundreds and thousands of unskilled women laborers.

The wintry climate of Munnar showcases luscious tea estates. The Tata Group, the cyclopean in the Steel market lords the majority of these estates. Besides the steel giant, you can stack your bags with aromatic delights from stables of Brooke Bond, Harrison Malayalam among others. Famous Assamese tea also jostles for space in the tea estates of Munnar.

Grampi, Peermade, Pathanamthitta, Vilangakunnu, Ponumudi are some of the other important tea plantations of Kerala. The tea plantations of Kerala employ about eighty-four thousand laborers and over two million people derive their bread and butter from these tea estates. These plantations are a huge money spinner for the state.

The tea industry of Kerala fuels the blooming tourism industry of the state too. Ramble through the flourishing tea estates in Kerala during your vacation. The booming hospitality sector has risen to its prevailing taste.  Plenty of Motels and Resorts have mushroomed in and around these premium tea estates. You can have some quality time exploring the tea gardens and fall in love with blissful ambience.

Coffee Plantations:
Indian coffee is said to be the finest coffee grown in the shade rather than direct sunlight anywhere in the world. The Kerala Forest Development Corporation Limited is accredited for its coffee estates in Kerala since 1976 by the management and the state holds the second postion in overall Coffee production. Besides these Serene backwaters, exotic wildlife and fauna, with houseboats, and scenic delights, Kerala seems to be the latest buzz and tourist destination for sprawling coffee plantations.

A total area of 685 hectares of land in Kerala is been covered by Coffee orchards. Munnar Wayanad Nenmara and Gavi are some of the major townships famous for their Coffee plantations. Coffee estates in Nenmara are spread over 75 hectares while in Gavi its 68 and Munnar an approximate of 62 hectares. The flora of Wayanad is characteristic of the Western Ghats and the plantation crops grown in the cool climate. A major portion of the district is covered by coffee plantations an approximate of 80 hectares.