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Kerala has been one of the most cosmopolitan and peace loving states in India. Malayalees generally lead an uncomplicated and healthy lifestyle and they seem happy and content with the simple pleasures of life. The people of Kerala give much emphasis on health, hygiene and education. They are also very particular about ensuring cleanliness, healthcare and physical quality of life.

Most people are proficient in English and give priority much on education and make it a point to ensure that the younger generation knows the religious teachings of their culture. They are brought up in an ambiance of love since their childhood and hence they bestow the same, and sometimes even more, to all overlooking insignificant impulsion like caste, creed and color. They begin their day by touching the feet of the elders and pray for universal happiness before going to bed. Even then, they spend their afternoons playing cricket and their evenings drinking toddy. Really, the string by which they hold their cultural values and social traditions is awe-inspiring. They are generally content with the quality of life they lead.

Regarding food, they are very particular about their health and are conscious about sticking to a balanced diet. They utilize a lot of herbal commixture and homemade remedies in the form of oils, powders and soaps to take care of their physical body and health in general.

Like the rest of South India, Kerala’s classical music is essentially Carnatic, Raag - Taal based music. It is also famed for Sopanam. Music is an elemental part of the everyday life. There are the traditional folk songs for occasions such as marriages and childbirth and also the devotional songs such as Ayyappanpattu and Maripattu.

Some of the key crops of Kerala are coconut, tea, coffee, rubber, cashew, cardamom, pepper and cinnamon. Its service sector is booming with financial companies, real estate agencies, mortgage companies, consultancy services, insurance companies and tourism industry. Kerala is quite advanced in terms of HDI and life standards.