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House Boats

In India, Houseboats are common on the backwaters of Kerala, and on the Dal Lake at Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Houseboats in Kerala are huge, slow-moving, exotic barges used for leisure trips. As Kerala has an exclusive countryside with thriving fresh water body, House boats formerly known as rice boats - have been plying the inland waterways of Kerala for centuries even before Vasco Da Gama first discovered India along the Malabar Coast. It was very easy to move bulk cargo through water. House-Boats are a reworked model of "Kettuvalloms" or "Kuvuvalloms" (in the Malayalam language, Kettu means "tied with ropes", and vallom means "boat"), which, in earlier times, were used to carry rice and spices.

Eco-friendly materials that go into the house boat making are local seasoned woods, coir and bamboo mats. Boats are equipped with quite inboard engines for maneuvering through the backwaters. Solar panels for electricity and bio-toilets are fitted to ensure that the delicate eco system of the backwaters is left undisturbed. Traditional house boats are often 80 to 100 feet in length with a width of around 16 feet, constructed using the ancient principles of wooden boat building and are remarkable specimens of workmanship.

The amazing factor about it is that coir is used to tie these sheets. Coir- Alleppey’s own palm fiber is a wonderful substance, it can withstand decay under saline water for several years, and heavy wooden strips are used as frames of the boat. Once the structure is fabricated, accessories are mounted on to transform a "Kuvuvallom" into a premium luxury lounge exclusively for tourists.

Alleppey stakes the claim to be one of the most important tourist centers in Kerala state, with a large network of inland canals earning it the pseudonym "Venice of the east". This large network of canals provides Alleppey its gleam and extensive natural beauty. Alleppey is also known for its astounding snake - boat races held on the second Saturday of August, every year.

A uniqueness of this land is the region called Kuttanad- a land of lush paddy fields referred to as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’ and one of the few places in the world where farming is done below sea level. In this world of simple pleasures, you'll see remnants of Chinese fishing nets, water lilies, luxuriant vegetation, coir-weaving villages, rustic homes, ancient temples, churches and a flurry of coconut groves. There is simply nothing more enthralling than a revitalized cruise in the splendid backwaters that would make all the hard work you do throughout the year worthwhile. House boats In Kerala provide you wonderful opportunity to enjoy mesmerizing blends of tradition with modern amenities. Take a cruise over the breathtaking expanse of backwaters and enjoy amazing sightseeing with nature’s abundant beauty.