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Home Stays

Home stay, is an unparalleled leisure for all kinds of tourists to gain intrinsic experience of a particular location. You get an exquisite experience of the place, traditions, culture and people. It is unlike staying in a Motel or resort and truly a home away from home.

In home stay, one gets to interact with the host family while staying in their house and the community that lives in an area. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in hotels. Home stays in Kerala facilitate visitors to experience the local culture and lifestyle. These are traditional households of Kerala, where people have shaped their lives according to socio-religious and environmental factors.

At home stays, the very informal atmosphere makes visitors feel at home and at the same time can partake in activities carried out by the host family. It’s indeed a learning experience for the hosts and as well as the guests at the same time which gives an opportunity to share and experience cultures and lifestyles for people from different parts of the realm.