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The word Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words Ayur and Veda, which means science of life .Ayurveda focuses on healthy long life of a person. It uses herbs and natural products .This is the traditional medical system of India.

As in any comprehensive medicine, outer and inner gleam are closely related. The more we nourish ourselves, the more radiant we become mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, regardless of our particular body shape or admeasurements. Ayurveda accentuate beauty as being a product of the three amplitudes, spiritual, physical and mental health with high importance given to self-knowledge, positive environment, development of positive routines and tendency.

The secret of absorbing youth and beauty would be ensuring the proper circulation of vital life fluids and the regular discharge of unwanted toxins and waste through therapies such as Panchakarma and Kaya Chikitsa. Nothing helps the body more than a routine care and nourishment through processes such as Massage and Spa. In the Ayurvedic tradition, massage is considered just as essential to overall health and beauty as good diet and positive personality.

An Ayurvedic facial massage activates deep centers of the brain, reflex points and facial circulation which totally soothe the body. Tensions in the neck, shoulders and face are freed and energy is rebalanced from head to toe. Herbal extracts and essential oils are to be added for their additional healing properties and pleasant fragrances.