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Wayanad, the green paradise is also known as “Virgin Paradise” and is nestled among the mountains of western ghat. In the earliest records Wayanad was known as Mayakshetra(Maya’s Land). For Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers Wayanad is a must visit destination. Leading tourist destinations like Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore, Coorg and Kannur are nearby places of Wayanad.

Site-Seeing specialities in Wayanadu:

Neelimala View point:
Neelimala view point is adjacent to the Vaduvanchal and is an excellent spot for trekking. Neelimala View Point is a scenic spot that offers bird's eye view of the Meenmutty falls and the valleys surrounding it. The valleys of the Neelimala view point is surrounded with coffee plantations. Neelimala view is completely an amazing experience for those who love nature and adventure.

Meenmutty Falls:
Meenmutty falls is the largest and most gorgeous falls in Wayanad.It is also the second largest waterfall in Kerala. Water drops from about 300 meters over here in three stages and is the unique feature of Meenmutty falls. Meenmutty falls is about 2 km hike through the jungle from Ooty main road. On the way to the falls you can find caves with Neolithic age carvings. The Meenmutty Falls situated at distance of 29 kms from Kalpetta.

Kanthapara Falls:
Kanthapara falls is situated at a distance of 22kms of Kalpetta. Beautiful tea gardens are located on both sides of Kanthapara falls. Kanthapara and its surroundings offer very pleasant and beautiful site seeing experience to the visitors. The 30m high Waterfall is an easy hike away from the main road.

Soochipara Waterfalls:
Soochipara waterfalls also known as Sentinal Rock Waterfalls and is situated at a distance of 22 kms south of Kalpetta near Chooralmala. This waterfall is a three tiered waterfall in Vellarimala. The three tiers’ falls into Meenmutty, Kanthapara and Soochipara and each falls known on their corresponding names. Soochipara falls is 200 meters high and offers a cliff face which is ideal for rock climbing. On the way to soochipara falls you can find green tea gardens and is a must see destination.

Chembra Peak:
Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad region.  This high 2100 meters above sea level and is a part of the hill ranges in Western Ghats, adjoining the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala in Kozhikode. Chembra is located 8km south from Kalpetta. Climbing the peak is a challenging mountaineering endeavour and the peak is accessible by foot from Meppady. A heart shaped Lake on the way to the top of the peak is another major attraction and the lake is belived to have never been dried up. From the top of Chembra peak you can view the whole of Wayanad and the scenic view is enthralling.

Banasura Sagar Dam:
Banasura Sagar project started in 1979 consisting of a dam and canal project. The goal of the project is to support the Kakkayam Hydro electric power project and satisfy the demand for irrigation and drinking water in a region known to have water shortages in seasonal dry periods. Banasura Sagar Dam is located 21km from Kalpetta. Banasura dam is the largest in India and second largest in Asia. The scenic view of this spot is a cherishing experience to visitors.

Edakkal Caves:
Edakkal caves situated at a distance of 12kms from Sulthan Bathery and 25km from Kalpetta. The two natural caves at Edakkal attract travelers from various parts of the world. The caves are famous for the new Stone Age pictorial writings, which are the evidence of prehistoric civilization or settlement. Three different petroglyphs comprises Edakkal cave, the oldest thought to date back to over 8000 years. The caves were discovered by Fred Fawcett, a police official of the erstwhile Malabar state in 1890.The cave can be accessed only by a 1km trekking from Edakkal.

Chethalayam Falls:
This Chethalayam fall is situated at 12 kms distance from Sulthan Bathery. This is one of the smallest falls in Wayanad. The spot can be reached through forest trekking and trekking to chethalayam is an extraordinary experience, as the way throughout to Chethalayam falls is full of bluish water bodies, hill slopes, colored butterflies and the surroundings of the way offers vantage points for bird watching.

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary:
Muthanga Wild life Sanctury originated in the year 1973 and is the second largest Wild life sanctuary in Kerala. This is situated on the way from Mysore to Sultan Bathery. The Sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. The vegetation is predominantly of mist deciduous teak forest, bamboo and tall-grass. The sanctuary is an integral part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve, which was established with a specific objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region. The Sanctuary host several  animals like jungle cats , panthers, civet cat, monkeys, wild dogs, deer, spotted bears, bisons, Gaurs, Cheetah, wild bear, Peacock , Owls, Elephants etc.

Muniyaras caves are almost 11kms from Sulthan bathery and 42kms from Kalpetta. This spot is an excellent trekking spot and attracts adventure lovers and photographers. The caves are made up of huge rock slabs and are believed that ancient sages conducted their medication activities in this caves. Remnants of Stone Age tools and pottery found within these caves are kept in Wayanad Heritage Museum.

Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple:
Sulthan Bathery Jain temple is an excellent piece of Jain architecture. . This temple is situated at a distance of 24km from Kalpetta and 1km from Sulthan bathery. This temple is believed to have built in the 13th century. One can find beautiful folded hills across the horizon and enjoy the feel of calmness and the pure nature. Sulthan Bathery was previousle know as “Sulthan’s Battery”. Sulthan Bathery Jain temple is also known as Ananthanatha Swami temple.

Pookode Lake:
Pookode Lake is a beautiful fresh water lake in Wayanad. Surrounded by forest, the experience of boat cruise in the lake gives an enthralling feel to the visitors. The Sreenarayana Ashram near the lake is a famous Pilgrim spot for Hindus. Pookode Lake is situated about 12kms from Kalpetta and 3kms from Lakkidi.

Lakkidi is known as the gateway of Wayanad. Lakkidi is an interesting scenic location and it is recorded as the second highest rainfall place in the world. Lakkidi is situated at almost 700kms above sea level. The lofty mountain peak and the bird’s eye view of the deep valleys offers amazing scenic experience to the visitors. Lakkidi is situated 14.6kms from Kalpetta and 38.6km from Sulthan Bathery.

Pakshipathalam has a wide variety of bird population. This place is a at a distance of  32kms from Manathavady and 60kms from Kalpetta.This place offers  adventurous trekking experience and is situated at an altitude of 1740meters above sea level. This place is an excellent place for bird watching and attracts nature lovers & photographers.

Wayanad HeritageMuseum:
Wayanad Heritage Museum is at Ambalavayal and it attracts lot tourists as the museum has rare collection of arts from Neolithic ages and 16th century. This museum has four blocks namely Gothrasmruthi, Veerasmruthi, Devasmruthi and Jeevanasmruthi. Gothrasmruthi Block displaying various articles associated with tribal life in Wayanad. Veerasmruthi Block displays ‘veerakkallu’ or hero stones which used for tiger hunts and primitive wars. Devasmruthi Block has scholarly artifacts belonging to the Neolithic age and 17 A.D times. Jeevanasmruthi Block displays a variety of hunting traps, ear ornaments, bangles, and necklaces that are used by tribesmen.

Thirunelly temple dates back to 3000 years and is the prime attraction here. The Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is another attraction in Thirunelly and is one of the famous trekking spots in Wayanad. The sanctuary is spotted with Elephants, Deer, Boar, Langurs, and Bisons.

Phantom Rock:
Phantom rock is about 25 kms from Kalpetta is a rare kind of natural structure which has a special skull head shape. It is also popularly known as Cheengeri Mala. The scenic view of the surroundings make this a exotic location for visitors.

Pazhassi Thomb:
Pazhassi tomb is built in Mananthavady about 37 kms from Sulthan Bathery. The Tomb is a memorial for the Veera Pazhassi Raja known as the “Lion of Kerala”. Pazhassi raja was a key player in the Indian independence revolution against British in Kerala region.

Glass Temple, Kootmundu:
Glass Temple in Koottamundu is a Jain Temple built to honor the Jain saint - Parshawanatha Swami, one among the most popular Jain saints. The main specialty of temple is the thousands of mirrors placed on the inner wall of the temple. These glass mirrors reflect the idols placed in the main hall of the temple and the view of idols in the mirrors is splendid. This marvelous architecture attracts many tourists to this spot.

Kuruva Island:
Kuruva Island is one of the most beautiful tourist spots near Wayanad. The Kuruva Island Situated in the Kabana River attracts travelers by the calm and gorgeous ambience prevailing in the place. The vast stretch of evergreen forests is the major speciality of this spot. Kuruva Island is the home for a number of rare birds, orchids and herbs. Kuruva Island is at a distance of 17 kms from Mananthavady. It includes a total area of 950 acres which is rich with green woods.

Vythiri is a resort town with deep forests and valleys. Here you could enjoy dense green cover and explore its breathtakingly serene surroundings. The spot is one among the most preferred Honeymoon locations in Kerala now.


Tourist Destinations near Wayanad:

Kodagu/Coorg is part of Karnataka State and is rated as one of the top hill station destinations in India. The spot is famous for the flora and fauna and is rich with the wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Kodagu include; Talakaveri (The place where the River Kaveri originates), Nisargadhama (A manmade island formed by the river Kaveri, Iruppu Falls and Abbey Falls.

Bekal Fort:
Bekal Fort is situated on the shoreline area of the Arabian sea in Kasargod district of Kerla. The Bekal fort is believed to be 300 years old and it is constructed during the 17th century. The Bekal Fort area covers more than 40 acres. The key features of the Bekal fort are the tanks that hold a flight of steps and the tunnel entrancing towards the south.

Ezhimala Beach:
Ezhimala Beach is famous of the uniqueness with the sculptured stone pillars scattered all over the beach and the backdrop of a hillock. The  hillock is at an altitude of 286 m and the picturesque view is an enthralling beauty for the visitors. It is at a distance of 55 kms from Kannur. The Naval academy base in its vicinity is also very famous.

Muzhappilangad Beach:
Muzhappilangad beach is located near Kannur parallel to NH 17 between Thalassery & Kannur. It is considered to be the longest beach in Kerala with about 5 kms in length. The uniqueness of Muzhappilangad Beach is that it is the famous Drive-in Beach in Asia and the goers can drive for a full 4 km on the its sandy shores.

Nilambur is a located in Malappuram District of Kerala and is famous for its forests, teak wood plantations and the natural beauty. The green forests here have many natural waterfalls and rivers. This spot is situated near the Nilagiri Hills and the Chailyar River runs near the town. The hanging bridge along with the Nedumkayam forest is considered to be the longest in the state and it attracts lot tourists to this spot.

Athirampilly Falls:
The Athirampilly Fall is famous for its breathtaking view of water fall from 80 feet height. The scenic view of the natural landscape and the fall grabs the hearts of visitors. This cascade is known as "The Niagara of India". Located on Chalakudy River; this place one of the most preferred shooting location for Indian films.

Vazhachal Falls:
Vazhachal Fall is close to the Athirampilly Falls and exists in the same Chalakudy River. The Forest department of Kerala manages a herbal plantation here as well.

Sholayar Dam:
Sholayar dam is the second deepest dam in Asia. The existence of the dam on the deep forest is a beauty to watch and the enthralling beauty of the location attracts lot tourists to this place.

Valparai is part of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve and is situated in TamilNadu. Valparai is at an altitude of 1,400 meters and has various kinds of fauna like elephant, gaur, tiger, panther, sloth bear, deer, wild bear, wild dog, porcupine, flying squirrel, jackal, pangolin, civet cat and birds like rocket-tailed drongo, re-whiskered bulbul, black headed oriole, tree pie, spotted dove, green pigeon, etc.